Crush It

Bob Marx

CRUSH IT – Sales Strategies


Discover a step by step sales process you can drop into your business to re-connect with lost prospects. Start building your business and closing more sales.

The individuals who will make the most money, generate qualified leads and close more sales are those who have the ability to leverage the conversations they’ve already had.

  • Learn email prospecting with a simple 3 step email sales formula.
  • Generate sales leads with email marketing and using these 5 easy to implement sales coaching secrets.

This is a complete system for selling, cold calling, email marketing, prospecting and reconnecting with leads,prospects and clients. Stop making cold calls & Start making sales. Finally crack the email code and sharpen your sales skills and business communication..

These sales training ideas work in Business to Business selling as well as consumer direct sales. Start mastering your selling skills and growth hack your selling carrier.



Has been designed for people in sales who depend on prospects taking action and moving forward through the sales process.

3 x your face to face sales, phone prospecting skills, internet selling and lead generation.

Alternatively CRUSH IT!!! is not recommended for the individual who either already knows everything or has more business than they can reasonably handle.

While we will be coaching to specific strategies and techniques to re-connect with good fit prospects all that is required is an open mind and a willingness to learn.

Also, during this course you will be able to explore an “untapped” resource I’ve been using and sharing with my personal 1-on-1 coaching clients that generates free dedicated leads… Using free technology.

Do what most don’t to get the results others can’t.- Start closing more sales now.

This is interesting… If we look around what do we see?

Legions of people in sales all trying to be the best at what everyone else is doing.

Once of the concepts we coach to comes from a quote by Peter Drucker.

“If you want something different – then you have to do something different.”



has been broken down into specific sections for each area of your business. Start building your business and closing sales.

After all you’ve invested time, effort, energy and money to generate an interested prospect, why not make it as simple as possible for them to re-connect with you by mastering your sales, email and business communication?

Let your competition continue lose sale after sale and bang their head against a wall doing the same things over and over again wondering why they keep getting the same result.

You – make a decision to make it happen on purpose by learning strategies and techniques that separate yourself from the competition.



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