Making Them Believe 2018

Dan Kennedy

Making Them Believe 2018


In the first half of the 20th century, Dr. J.R. Brinkley successfully sold goat glands as a cure for erectile dysfunction. While he had his detractors, even his harshest critics would be forced to admit Dr. Brinkley was a brilliant marketer. His persuasion techniques brought in over 12 million dollars (over 100 million dollars in today’s money.) Introducing something outrageously different …


Dan Kennedy



21 Secrets and Lost Principles of J.R. Brinkley-Style Marketing

Incorporate as many of Dr. Brinkley’s 21 secrets and principles and you’ll be more successful as a marketer. It’s as simple as that.


An Examination of all 21 Principles and How You Can Apply Them to Your Business

Unearth untapped opportunities in your business by examining all 21 of Dr. Brinkley Principles with the aid of 84 self-diagnostic questions.


Even More Timeless Marketing Tips and Strategies

Turn your business into an irresistible fascinating force using Dan Kennedy’s three step formula…how to create an emotional commitment in your buyer in advance of the close…how to gently discredit the competition…and much more.


The books “A Tribute to Dr. Brinkley,” “The Doctor Book” & “After 21 Years a Success Story”

Dan Kennedy, who has always been fascinating by intriguing and unusual marketing history, hunted down these three rare Dr. Brinkley artifacts for your historical enjoyment. In addition, you’ll find plenty of applicable marketing techniques in 14 classic ‘Medicine Show’ ads and three legendary “cures.”


An Eclectic Collection of Dr. Brinkley Radio Broadcasts

Listen to actual (digitally re-mastered) Brinkley radio broadcasts just as the public heard them in the earliest days of radio. Dr. Brinkley used them as lead generation devices.


A Cornucopia of Timeless Marketing Techniques and Historical Curiosities

Sit back and enjoy five CDs of Dr. Brinkley-related marketing material, tips and techniques. Curl up in your favorite chair and absorb The Doctor Book, After 21 Years a Success Story, A Tribute to Dr. Brinkley and the Transcription and Presentation Material manuals.

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