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Course Details and Description

What You’re About To Discover:

  • The exact same strategies we use here at DigitalMarketer to collect data, analyze it, and make smart data-driven decisions about our business
  • How to build a complete analytics dashboard that reveals the overall health of your company in one glance
  • Why it’s essential to remove outliers to avoid misleading data so you don’t make bad decisions (along with the exact formulas to do it)
  • How to calculate the lifetime value of a customer (this is ESSENTIAL if you want to know how much you can afford to spend to acquire new customers at a profit)
  • An 8-step flowchart that shows you an easy, step-by-step process for turning raw numbers into meaningful actions
  • How to set up full-funnel tracking so that you can immediately plug any leaky buckets in your systems and optimize the steps that will generate the biggest results
  • Why you MUST contextualize your data to make sense of it, and how to use “The Analyst’s Toolkit” to find out what’s REALLY going on in your business
  • How to measure customer satisfaction using metrics like refund rate, churn rate, and our custom-built membership retention report
  • Why you should be tracking the banner click % for each blog post to measure how well it creates interest in your product or service
  • How to keep a finger on the pulse of your audience using Reputation Score and a Qualitative Trend Report
  • How to track visitor recency and use it to gauge the effectiveness of your company’s branding efforts
  • The “Retargeting Naming System” that makes tracking your funnel performance super simple (this is the *key* to diagnosing the health of your entire sales funnel)
  • How to identify the critical 3-5 data points for YOUR business (no matter the size), how to track them, and how to use this data to actually generate more leads and sales
  • How you can use digital analytics to measure the impact of your company’s OFFline marketing (this will really impress your boss)
  • How to accurately track your all-important monetary metrics including sales, average order value, and revenue per visitor
  • How to identify which traffic sources are most valuable to your business (using our custom-made UTM Parameter Builder)
  • Why you can’t rely on averages or aggregates, and how to drill down to meaningful specifics instead
  • How to analyze the performance of each channel in your marketing so you can make intelligent decisions about how to scale your business
  • What “Cohort Analysis” is, and how to use this advanced tool to learn more about the true value of your membership program
  • How to measure your share of search to compare your company’s performance against your competitors

Course Breakdown:

Module 1: An Introduction to Data Analysis

  • Lesson 1: Introduction from the Instructors
  • Lesson 2: Here’s What To Expect
  • Lesson 3: What Data Analysis Is (And What It Can Do for Your Business)
  • Lesson 4: Why All Business Must Be Data-Driven
  • Lesson 5: Analysis and the Funnel
  • Lesson 6: What Data Matters to Business
  • Lesson 7: Data Analysis Building Blocks


Module 2: Data Collection Strategies

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Lesson 2: Google Analytics Layout & Understanding
  • Lesson 3: Introduction to Google Analytics Segments
  • Lesson 4: Tracking Site Visitors
  • Lesson 5: Using the UTM Parameter Builder
  • Lesson 6: Pulling CRM & eCommerce Data
  • Lesson 7: Pulling Paid Traffic Data
  • Lesson 8: Creating and Naming Retargeting Lists
  • Lesson 9: Starting with Data
  • Lesson 10: Finding Outliers with Math


Module 3: Top of Funnel Analytics

  • Lesson 1: Top of Funnel Goals & KPIs
  • Lesson 2: New Visitors
  • Lesson 3: Direct Visitors
  • Lesson 4: Retargeting & Segmentation
  • Lesson 5: Total Visits
  • Lesson 6: Top of Funnel Deep Dive Metrics
  • Lesson 7: Channel Splits
  • Lesson 8: Bounce Rate
  • Lesson 9: Branded Search Volume
  • Lesson 10: Top of Funnel Pixeling
  • Lesson 11: Visits
  • Lesson 12: Applying Top of Funnel Metrics


Module 4: Middle of Funnel Analytics

  • Lesson 1: Middle of Funnel Goals & KPIs
  • Lesson 2: Visitor Recency
  • Lesson 3: Banner Click %
  • Lesson 4: Leads Generated
  • Lesson 5: Tracking Middle of Funnel Retargeting Lists
  • Lesson 6: Direct Visitor Count
  • Lesson 7: Middle of Funnel Deep Dive Metrics
  • Lesson 8: Social Media Followers
  • Lesson 9: Banner Click % at the Post Level
  • Lesson 10: Number of Comments
  • Lesson 11: Number of Social Shares
  • Lesson 12: Applying Middle of Funnel Metrics


Module 5: Bottom of Funnel Analytics

  • Lesson 1: Bottom of Funnel Goals & KPIs
  • Lesson 2: Number of Goods Sold
  • Lesson 3: Retargeting & Segments
  • Lesson 4: Average Order Value
  • Lesson 5: Revenue Per Visitor
  • Lesson 6: Days to Conversion
  • Lesson 7: Bottom of Funnel Deep Dive Metrics
  • Lesson 8: Channel Split (Offers)
  • Lesson 9: Bounces (Offers)
  • Lesson 10: Promo Email Campaigns
  • Lesson 11: Funnel Evaluation
  • Lesson 12: Applying Bottom of Funnel Metrics


Module 6: Retention and Monetization Analytics

  • Lesson 1: Retention & Monetization Goals & KPIs
  • Lesson 2: Membership Retention Report
  • Lesson 3: Traffic ROI Report
  • Lesson 4: Refund Report
  • Lesson 5: Monetization Funnel Conversion Rate
  • Lesson 6: Retention & Monetization Deep Dive Metrics
  • Lesson 7: Content Email Metrics
  • Lesson 8: Cohort Analysis
  • Lesson 9: Reputation Score
  • Lesson 10: Qualitative Trend Report
  • Lesson 11: Customer Lifetime Value
  • Lesson 12: Applying retention & Monetization Metrics


Module 7: Running a Data Driven Business

  • Lesson 1: Analytic Decision Making
  • Lesson 2: Applying the Analyst’s Toolkit
  • Lesson 3: Segments & Drilling Down
  • Lesson 4: Analytic Trends
  • Lesson 5: Business Analyses to Start Immediately
  • Lesson 6: Transitioning from Reactive to Proactive Analysi

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