Flawless Method


This product was released in 2008, with a lot of hype about its game-changing potential. It is all about teaching you how to become a “natural”, ie a guy who can approach anywhere, anytime, someone who attracts women naturally, just by being himself.

The Method is broken down in 3 parts:

The Flawless Mindset

The Flawless Method

The Flawless Ecosystem

The programme therefore starts by covering “The Flawless Mindset”, which is based on equal value: the girl you approach does not have a higher value than you do. You don’t have to demonstrate higher value, because your perception of yourself is on an equal level, if not higher.

Therefore as you approach, you are not concerned with rejection, quite the opposite in fact: you are thinking “this girl is lucky, she is gonna go for a ride” – and YOU are the ride. And by the same token, you do not perceive her friends as obstacles, but as cheerleaders to your success.

Another concept I particularly liked was that pick up is not about girls at all. It’s a celebration of YOU. YOU are the only constant in every one of your pick up, therefore the only thing that matter is your progress and enjoyment.

A feeling of déjà vu

This is all great mindset stuff, and most experienced guys have reached those same conclusions. It is nicely explained here. There is one problem though: many of those concepts were all covered in depth in other products from the same company, namely, in Tyler Durden’s The Blueprint or Real Social Dynamics’ Transformations (where the same guy, Timothy Marc, had a 2 hours speech).

“As far as you are concerned, you are the coolest motherfucker on the planet”? – seen in the Blueprint

“Entering the Woo”? – seen in the Blueprint, and in every Real Social Dynamics product since forever (it is, in fact, the old NLP/community technique of “state pumping”).

“Assumption of Glory”? – Blueprint.

“Giving yourself permission to be the cool guy?” – Blueprint.

“Everything must come from your own self amusement” – Blueprint.

“Sense of entitlement”? – Blueprint.

“Do not give a fuck what anyone thinks of you”? – Blueprint.

You get the idea. Different names occasionally, but same concepts.

So the bad thing is, a lot of this is not ground-breaking, especially if you have seen The Blueprintbefore. The good thing is, this program is a lot shorter than The Blueprint and in many ways it is more practical. Tim discusses heavy mindset stuff relatively briefly, and only to go straight into how to apply each principle in action.

You could say that if the Blueprint was the mindset-tweaking product, this could be the Action Manual for it.

The action manual for Blueprint-style pick up

In fact, on DVD 3 and 4, the practical side picks up even more. The idea of ‘feeling dangerous from the word ‘HEY’ and having strong masculine intent was good, and reminded me of Paul Janka’s teachings.

The idea of using rejections to build a “Fury” that propels you into further adventures was excellent as well. Tim talks about having the attitude that nothing can stop you, an attitude of “I’m prepared to go in when others are not”. The “Russian mafia girl” was a cool illustration.

Another nice concept was to put the girl into a “you and me” bubble instead of a “you vs me” dynamic. You don’t trick her to come home with you, she is happy to come along – this is a much better frame to be in, indeed.

Tim also covers the concepts of Chode Hope, the Pinpall, Internal Cheerleaders, and many more – some of them new stuff, but many are just old material with a new spin.

DVD 3 and 4 are by far the most enjoyable, but again the structure is lacking. Most of the “in field” videos, unfortunately, are also disappointing – very brief and you don’t get to see or learn much. The “Flawless Ecosystem”, supposedly a third of the Method, is talked around the very end, and not developed at all besides saying “meet lots of people and you will have lots of girls”.

Bad structure, good information

All in all, this product is hard to rate. It is not bad but could have been much better with a proper structure. The DVDs were moving too slowly for me and all the renaming of old concepts was annoying.

Upon reviewing my notes later though, I realized how much good information was hidden in this. I would still not recommend it to advanced guys – not that you wouldn’t enjoy watching it, but there isn’t enough new stuff to justify the price if you are at that level.

For beginners to intermediates though, this is a chance to see a quality “natural” mindset in full glory, and to put the Blueprint principles in action. Just make sure to take a lot of notes for later review – this is mostly a collection of stories and ideas, thrown at you one after another, and you will have to reach your own conclusions.

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