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Here’s a Step-by-Step System That Will Teach You a Veteran Filmmaker’s ENTIRE Video Editing Process! | FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing

And, this works even if you’re a complete newbie, don’t have any footage, or only have access to “basic” video editing software and equipment…


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This brand new guide is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to edit video but don’t know where to start
  • You’ve tried editing before and can’t get the results you want
  • You have footage gathering dust on your hard drive and you’re too intimidated by editing software to do anything with it
  • You’re an advanced editor or videographer that wants to see exactly how an award-winning veteran of the film industry creates captivating videos



Today is the Last Day Video Editing Will Confuse, Frustrate, or Intimidate You


Never again will you be disappointed because what you envisioned and what you ended up with are miles apart.

After watching this guide you’ll be able to take creative control over your videos and finally produce the videos you’ve always wanted, whether it’s for your family’s memory book or professionally for clients.

This guide is for you if you:

  • Keep piling up more and more footage that you never do anything with
  • Continue to get frustrated because you can “see” what you want in your head but don’t know how to make the edits correctly
  • Try to learn from the scattered and outdated tutorials, videos, and trainings that exist out there, but never get the results you really want



What Will You Get Inside FroKnowsPhoto Guide To Video Editing


COMPONENT #1: Foundation of Video Editing Fundamentals

In this section you’re going to get 2.5 hours of comprehensive editing instruction, where Todd will teach us the foundation of editing fundamentals and the techniques that haven’t changed since film was introduced over 100 years ago.

Another century from now everything you learn inside of this guide will still be relevant. So by learning these fundamentals, the only thing you’ll need to “re-learn” is where the buttons are from program-to-program.

We all grew up watching TV and movies that were edited the exact same way Todd is going to show you…which is why anyone who watches your videos will find them highly engaging and enjoyable.

This guide is also “program agnostic”, meaning you can take what you learn and apply it universally in ANY editing software…and your new skills will always be relevant no matter how editing software or technology changes.

After just the core training you’ll have all of the tools you need to start editing videos like a professional filmmaker. This section alone is worth the small investment, but that’s not all you’re getting access to.



Even just the educational portion alone is worth the price, but we’re giving you four supplementary “hands on” tutorials that will take you even further. Each of these 1.5 hour long tutorials will cement your understanding of what you learned in the first section so you can start editing your own videos the same day you watch the guide. We’re not “playing in the classroom.” Todd is showing us how editing works in the real world. There’s no fluff or theory here.

As Todd shows you how to create the videos using the footage we shot together, he finds REAL problems and shows you how to correct them on the fly…so you can start thinking like an editor and handle any situation that is thrown at you.

A lot of what we teach would NEVER come up in a class syllabus. Some of the most insightful and educational parts of this guide were created from reacting to REAL WORLD situations that were dumped on us. You can’t plan for these kinds of things and will never learn them in a classroom.

You will never have a feeling of ‘now what’ like you might experience with other training programs. Everything is laid out for you in the simplest, step-by-step format possible. Here’s a breakdown of the four supplementary “hands on” sections and what you’re going to find inside of each…


HANDS ON TUTORIAL #1: Short Film/Narrative

Narratives like short films or feature films rely heavily on the storyline. We show you the powerful editing actions you can take to drive the story and captivate your audience.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s waiting inside this hands on section…

  • Which cuts to use and WHY to set the exact tone you’re looking for
  • Todd’s methods and tricks you can use to establish continuity in a scene
  • One simple adjustment that will make your videos look clean and crisp
  • and much more!



We’re going to walk you through performance footage of me rapping along with B-Roll footage, so you can see how a music video comes together. You’re going to get valuable insights into what goes on in the cutting room specifically for a music video.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s waiting inside this hands on section…

  • The fastest way to pick and choose which footage to use
  • How to get creative with multicam editing
  • A simple strategy to make your cuts stay on beat every time
  • and much more!


HANDS ON TUTORIAL #3: Corporate Electronic Press Kit

There’s endless work and money to be made from producing corporate videos. We’ll show how to make the best editing decisions so you can deliver a final product that will keep your clients coming back over and over.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s waiting inside this hands on section…

  • How to get the best results from multiple takes with different responses
  • The one incredibly important thing to remember when editing for clients (DON’T mess this up!)
  • A simply strategy to speed up your editing process and shave hours off your process
  • An easy trick to enhance motion that you can do in any editing software
  • and much more!



YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, right behind Google. There is over 300 HOURS of YouTube videos uploaded every single minute. So, what is the trick to creating a popular video that gets more than 5 views? Hint: the answer is in the editing and production value.

There’s a TON of unpolished and poorly planned YouTube videos out there that go unnoticed. Knowing how and when to apply the editing techniques in this guide will make your videos so good your subscribers will beg you for more.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s waiting inside this hands on section…

  • Our top 10 editing tips to boost viewer engagement
  • How to make your videos stand out amongst the rest (this is easy but effective!)
  • The extra step most people fail to take before uploading their video to YouTube (don’t forget this)
  • and much more!



Not only are we going to show you how to edit everything, we’re going to give you the same RAW footage we use during each of the “hands on” tutorials mentioned above.

That means you’re going to be able to edit side-by-side with Todd and implement everything he shows you right away. Not only will this get you editing while you learn, you’re going to retain more of the information because you’ll be able to implement everything as soon as you see Todd do it.

This is also going to help you hone your own editing style, shoot better footage, become a more efficient editor, and develop an eye for editing quickly instead of taking years to develop these skills like most people.

Plus, you’re going to get so much footage and B-Roll you can unleash your creative side and create completely new videos. For example: you’ll get 30 clips of Jared rapping and B-Roll footage, so you can make your own music video!

The same goes for the short film, the commercial EPK and the YouTube video. We’ll show you how to edit everything, give you the footage, then you can create your own video…you choose the music, the background sounds, the edits, and everything else…

With all of the RAW footage you’re getting there are millions of combinations for what you can create right away. Even if you don’t have any of your own footage you’ll still be able to create amazing videos as you progress through the program.



These notes are similar to what you would get from a director or producer when they deliver footage for you to edit. Notes like these will inform you of what you have at your disposal and any issues you may need to be aware of before you start editing.

In addition to that, you’ll also be given exclusive access to the actual shooting scripts for each of the short films. Having access to producer notes and project scripts are essential in any real life editing situation.


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