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This Training Reveals The Exact Video Ads Framework That Generated Over $12 Million


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Introducing The Jumpcut Video Ads Bootcamp

Craft your own high-converting video ad in as little as 30 days using our exact step-by-step framework. You’ll be walked piece-by-piece through our process in the bootcamp. Including the exact method we used to generate:


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What You’ll Learn

Explore Jumpcut Video Ads Bootcamp In-depth


Discover what’s inside the core Video Ads Bootcamp program. This 13 module, in-depth program teaches you the video ad formula we’ve tested and perfected over the years.


1. Introduction to Video Ads

An in-depth, valuable introduction to the little-known world of video ads. Learn some of our “trade secrets.”


2. The Ad Playbook

Discover how we went from zero to millions in revenue from paid ads starting with no experience.


3. The Elements of a Profitable Video Ad

Learn the key elements of making high-converting video ads again and again.


4. The 4 Foolproof Ad Formulas

Over the years, we’ve tested and perfected 4 types of video ads that are proven to work again and again. You can “copy and paste” these campaigns using our templates.


5. Creating Entertaining, Informational and Effective Ads

Get trained on exactly how to structure and write your ads using the same powerful marketing strategies leveraged at Jumpcut.


6. Producing Your Ad

Here’s the quickest, easiest way to get your video ad produced without breaking the bank.


Bonus Course: The Ad Playbook Walkthrough

Get a step-by-step breakdown of how to best utilize the ad playbook templates so you can implement them with ease.


Bonus: YouTube Ad Campaign Setup

Learn directly from Jumpcut’s Director of User Acquisition how to set up your first YouTube ad campaign.


Bonus: Facebook Ad Campaign Setup

Learn directly from Jumpcut’s Director of User Acquisition how to set up your first Facebook ad campaign.


Bonus: Study These Proven Ads

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our best-performing video ads of all time. Collectively, these have generated millions.


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