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Manuel Suarez





Exciting, “hot” products are EASY to rank. We all know that! All you have to do is be in the right place at the right time and you’ve got it made!

But what about the “boring”, dust-collecting, life-less products that hardly move? How do you turn THOSE into money-making machines? Is it even possible?


The Multi-Channel Catapult Ranking System can help breathe life back into a boring product, all by giving away the BARE MINIMUM of inventory in the smallest amount of time (10-14 days TOPS).

But the real question is… is it hard?


We put in the hard work by structuring an entire system that (1) guides a user through the entire process, (2) collects phone numbers and emails, and (3) RANKS YOUR PRODUCT whether it’s boring or not!

Plus, getting this system up and running is as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. IMPORT the flows.
  2. EDIT to match your brand.
  3. LAUNCH it!

And watch your product soar to the top of page 1 of Amazon’s search results!

Before you take your “boring” product off the shelves of Amazon, STOP.

Instead, light it up with the RANKING POWER of the Multi-Channel Catapult Ranking System!

We’ve helped HUNDREDS of “exciting” and “boring” products go from little to no visibility, to the top of page 1.



What’s Included:



  • THE MULTI-CHANNEL CATAPULT RANKING SYSTEM – We’ve done the work the work for you! Now it’s time for you to reap the benefits. The best part?! It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Simply IMPORT the flows, EDIT to match your brand, and RANK your products! It really is that simple!
  • THE CATAPULT RANKING IMPLEMENTATION COURSE – From import links to step-by-step instructions how to edit the Catapult Ranking System, you’ll have everything you need to successfully rank your products!
  • 3 EXCLUSIVE Bonuses to give YOU the ultimate ADVANTAGE as an Amazon seller! Between becoming a traffic-generating expert and harnessing the ranking power of the Multi-Channel Catapult Ranking System, you’ll have everything you need to take your Amazon business to new heights!



When You Sign Up Today, You’ll Get These Exclusive Bonuses


Bonus #1: Access to the Facebook Masters Course!

Get ready to take your Amazon business to the next level by becoming a traffic-generating expert!

Learn how to structure a content strategy, create simple Facebook ads that work, find your audience, grow your lists, build Messenger bots, grow your online presence, explode your E-commerce brand (on and off of Amazon), and utlimately, generate unlimited amounts of traffic to your offline stores!

Get instant access to the same complete ROAD MAP that Manuel has traveled himself that helped him generate over 150 million dollars in revenue both on and off of Amazon.


Bonus #2: An Entire ManyChat Bot Built for Amazon Sellers!

You may have heard the saying, “The money is in the list”. Although still true, it lost a bit of its power when email open rates began to plummet.

Luckily, Messenger came along and changed the entire game.
The problem? Most people either don’t realize the value of a Facebook Messenger channel or, if they do, they don’t know how to grow their list.

We’re going to help you skip ahead of the line by giving you access to an entire e-commerce Facebook Messenger BOT built by Certified Messenger Experts. This same BOT structure is currently generating over 400K a month for just ONE of our brands.

The Messenger BOT will have everything you need to boom your e-commerce brand through Facebook Messenger. It will include Product Review Generation Flows, MENUs, Quiz flows, Survey flows, FREE PDF flows, WELCOME MESSAGES and more.

You will also find detailed NURTURE SEQUENCES with dozens of prestructured messages that you can easily edit to fit your brand. All of this, of course, will come with detailed instructions on how to do every step.

The best part? It’s basically “plug and play”. All you will need to do is import it into your ManyChat account, make a few edits, and open up the floodgates. It’s that simple!


Bonus #3: High Performing Plug-and-Play Social Media Ads for E-Commerce Brands!

Let us help you remove the guesswork in ad creation!

These Facebook Ad templates have taken years of experience and thousands of dollars in testing. They include high converting copy, calls to action and a variety of formats. Just click on the link, import to your Facebook Ad account, edit to fit your brand and go!

You’ll find carousel storytelling for one product, Carousel Ads with several products in the same ad, Flash Sales, Single Image Ads, Video Ads, Presentation Ad Templates, Single-Coupon Distribution Ads and more!

PS – These ad templates are based on actual ads created and used by Manuel’s marketing agency where the current ad expenditure is just about $600,000/month..


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