Agency Accelerator

Michael Laurens

Are You Ready To Scale A Facebook Ads Agency With Systems Proven To Generate $10,000+ Per Month?

“How I Land 200-300 Booked Appointments With My Ideal Client, In Any Niche, Every Single Month”

Without Spending Any Money On Ads or Running Any Complicated Linkedin/Email Automations!




“How I Got My First 16 Clients In 1 Month & Scaled To $17,000+ / Month”



What You’ll Learn:


Lesson #1

How I get 20 people a week wanting to be my cold callers, train them, and get them up to speed AUTOMATICALLY…


Lesson #2

The 3 part power play that turns ‘no way no how’ strangers into paying clients on autopilot!


Lesson #3

How we are able to handle 25+ clients per niche without doing any of the work!


Agency Accelerator Academy

Plug-&-play scripts and systems galore! Get 50+ video lessons covering everything you need to grow your 6-figure Facebook ads agency.

From scripts and systems to land clients on automate, to 15x plug-&-play lead gen campaigns for local business niches and step by step roadmaps to build your team and scale!



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