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Pejman Ghadimi

Welcome to Watch Conspiracy!

I am excited to have you join our community of savvy watch buyers who would rather make money on luxury timepieces using our wealth transfer system, rather than lose money spending it on them.

We believe no one should buy luxuries that depreciate, which is why we have created this platform as one of our two incredible brands to help people realize the possibilities of the luxury timepiece world.

Our mission is to provide the education and expose the loopholes of the luxury lifestyle markets and more specifically, jewelers.

Between jeweler margins, sleazy tricks, and private labeled garbage out there, there are tens of thousand of dollars being lost from consumers with each and every watch purchase they make.

For the past six years, we have been compiling resources, identifying jeweler margins, and conducting interviews so that we can bring you some of the best timepiece related information available out there to help you make the deals you want, on the watches you want, with the network you need to help you eliminate or lower any costs associated with this affluent lifestyle.

Who am I?

My name is Pejman Ghadimi. I am a serial entrepreneur and avid watch and car collector.

While today I am well off financially, I still use the strategies I teach with every single watch I buy.

Years ago I realized I really enjoyed luxury lifestyle, but couldn’t afford to drive anything I wanted or wear the watches I admired the most.

I certainly didn’t have enough money to buy more than one of anything either.

This forced me to get creative in the way I looked at luxury lifestyle and pushed me to discover how to turn every car and watch I bought from a liability into an asset, as well as leverage financial tools (since I had a long background in banking) to afford all I wanted without spending all my cash.

Understanding the best ways to leverage assets lead me to understanding what to buy and how to buy, and it eventually became a process after doing this over 60 times in the past few years with cars and over 1,000 times with watches.

From my first Panerai watch coupled with my Porsche 911 Turbo to my latest Aston Martin Vanquish coupled with my Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Rose Gold, I can no longer do one without the other.

Exotic cars and luxury timepieces just go hand in hand.


All Watches Are Not Created Equal

Luxury timepieces are a bit different than normal watches.

While normal watches are mass produced and labeled under different brand names, timepieces are various works of art that have been the proud passion of a person.

With movements taking months to make, to the exclusivity of low production model numbers, there is an infinite real value to a luxury timepiece that just doesn’t exists with an ordinary watch.

An example would be a Movado watch which you can buy for $1,500 at the store, but that really has no value and eventually ends up on Craigslist for some tiny number.

On the other hand, rare timepieces often come with rare metals like gold and platinum which holds value long term, but the value of the watch itself once depreciated stays and no longer fluctuates.

Think about a rose gold Rolex Daytona that sells new for $40K. It will eventually depreciate to $18K but once it does, it will no longer go down both because the gold has worth on its own and also because Daytona watches have been around for generations and, as a result, end up holding their worth due to demand.

The same can be correlated to cars. This is no different than certain collector cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

A Honda Accord is worth what someone can afford and once old, no longer has any real worth other than cheap transportation.

A Ferrari 360 Modena will always be a Ferrari and have worth because of what it is.

Some things in life are worth buying and some things are just by-products of the hype of society.

I want to teach you how to buy the right timepieces, at the right prices, and be able to flip them to others for more money once you are done.


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