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Rachel Pedersen
Discover what FREEDOM feels like!
Discover what FREEDOM feels like! Create your own schedule & work from anywhere. Imagine what true freedom looks like… Not having to commute to a 9-5. Scheduling your work around appointments. Being a stay-at-home mom with a “working mom” pay. No boss to deny your vacation requests….Finally having the financial means to go on vacations without worry
Skip the guesswork with no fluff trainings

When I got started as a Social Media Manager, I was juggling a 9-5 and family life… Like you, I didn’t have time to invest hours and hours into fluff-filled trainings.

I wanted actionable steps and I needed results – fast!

This is what inspired me to create Social Media United’s training format.

From the moment you dive in to the video trainings, the information is ACTIONABLE, with worksheets, templates, and guides to help you get results.

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