eBay Underground Sales (eBus)

Roger & Barry




Have you never got involved in e-commerce because you were too scared of the investments required?

Have you started but not found success with Shopify or another of the platforms requiring monthly payments?

Now’s your chance to get involved with eBay, the platform that never competes with you, helps you advertise your products, and actually promotes you as a newbie seller to get you more buyers!

Join the eBay world with 180 million buyers, and realize your ecommerce dreams today with minimal investments, little work, and barely any risks.



  • FE – eBus Platinum
  • Access to closed platform with 1,000,000+ products
  • Additional products added monthly
  • 2 Day Zero to Hero Training with Serge
  • Monthly product insights: what to sell
  • eBay Beginner’s Blast Off Course
  • Integrated software to add products to your account
  • Bonus: Scaling Secrets Revealed
  • Bonus: SEO Traffic Secrets Revealed
  • “eBay Beginner’s Blast Off” Course


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We provide our members with the innovative tools, services and training to build and grow their online marketing and businesses. Our community includes established marketers who want to diversify their offerings and accelerate growth, and aspiring marketers who want to learn how to build and develop their business. The secret that makes Really Successful members a marketing powerhouses is that we love online marketing. Our methods empower mavericks, small business owners and entrepreneurs to grab their marketing by the cape and take flight. Leverage the power of our massive community to get the most innovative tech, training and services for the best prices.


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