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  1. Messenger Bot Mastery
  2. Viral Video Mini Course
  3. Ad Copy Masterclass
  4. My 100K Email Swipes
  5. Secret Copywriting Sales Script
  6. Building Your Own 7-Figure Funnel
  7. 10 Weeks to 1000 Sales
  8. ROI Machines Courses Full Course






The 7-day Bot Masterclass Will Transform Your Business In A Week


Now, like I told you, this is a brand new course. And it’s got a lot of powerful information in it. Information that my competition would kill for.

So I need to be careful with who I let into the program. I don’t mind telling you that it’s going to be exclusive…

We’re not afraid to say no if we feel like it’s not a right fit. So before you go any further, let me ask you:

  • Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who sells things online? This course is extremely innovative, and we need to know that you’re already selling online, or are ready to start.
  • Are you looking for the next big thing in marketing? Email is still a powerful tool in our kit, but let’s be honest… it’s getting a little long in the tooth. And response rates are the lowest they’ve been in years.
  • Are you ready to digitize your sales process and make more money with less effort? The real power of bots is how hands-off the process is. You’ve got to be ok with a system that makes money on its own.
  • Are you looking for a way to make your business stand out? There’s an old saying in business… that different is better. The best way to make your business stand out is to differentiate yourself from others. Bot marketing gives you the edge.
  • Do you want to lower your lead cost and double your returns? Our students are seeing immediate, 50% deductions in their lead costs, and 2x returns when compared to a normal funnel.

If that’s you, then you’re going to immediately understand why the 7-Day Bot Masterclass is going to completely transform your business in a week.

We’ll show you exactly how to answer every question your prospect has. Every issue that comes up, you’ll be there. Every doubt or concern will be met. And in the end, your conversion rates will skyrocket.

10 Weeks to 1000 Sales:

Learn the best way to acquire new high ticket coaching clients or sell more products / ebooks / courses on autopilot to rapidly grow a 7 figure business!

…And my other secret marketing methods using paid ads that grew my instagram to 220k, email list to 150k and fb pages to over 1 million fans!



ROI Machines Courses

Introducing The Proven 2-step Client Acquisition Funnel


Now a funnel may not sound sexy, but it does one job better than anything else. It takes a large, scattered volume (of potential clients) and drives them to a single point (you.)

Once you set it up, it’s automatic with almost no maintenance. And you get to sit back and reap the benefits of efficiency. The formula is so simple and dramatically effective (like millions of $ effective)!



Normally Just One, 1-hour Call Costs $1000 And I Understand That’s Way Too Much For Startup Entrepreneurs Like I Was.

Instead, I Created A Full Course That Teaches You Everything You Need To Know.

Here Are The Modules And Lessons, Worth Over $2000 Alone…


Lesson 1: My 2-Step Process That’s Made Over $3 Million

  • Introduction to my complete growth & funnel process
  • End-to-end system that can return 400% ROI in just 2 days!
  • Essential elements for making the best sales funnels & systems on the planet!


Lesson 2: My Products & Funnels

  • Exclusive inside look at Million $ Fitness funnels!
  • Top-selling products you can use as inspiration for your own
  • Eye opening methods you can apply into your funnels


Lesson 3: Crafting & Planning Your Own Product & Funnels

  • Learn how to go from 0 to 1000 sales in just 10 weeks!
  • Unlock the secrets of these no-fail sales funnels
  • Making your own sales pipelines to sell your own products!


Lesson 4: Crafting Your Upsells to Double Your Business

  • Create upsell offers that 2X your revenue!
  • Learn the language that makes irresistible offers
  • Position your upsells perfectly in the sales pipeline so customers buy without question!


Lesson 5: Building Your Products

  • Next level market research to craft viral products
  • Comprehensive product build checklist for success


Lesson 6: Crafting a High-Converting Funnel

  • Secrets of sales funnels that made me millions of $
  • Top ROI elements that every successful funnel needs
  • Sales funnel creation checklist


Lesson 7: Simplifying The Complex Tech ‘Stuff’

  • The biggest time and money sinks you should avoid
  • How to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!)
  • How to have it all done for you, for pennies on the dime.


Lesson 8: Email Marketing & Automations

  • Top email campaigns that have made us over $250,000 +
  • Top 5 email campaigns every business need!
  • Email automations that generate sales 24/7 on auto pilot


Lesson 9: 7-Day Launch Strategy

  • The single strategy that’s made us over $100,000 in a week
  • Daily breakdown of a successful launch and 7 day script
  • “1 Week to Win!” launch campaigns that I’ve personally used


Lesson 10: Paid Traffic Launch

How to 10x your launch with paid traffic

How to use Facebook ads to re-target and get crazy ROI’s


Lesson 11: Monitoring & Scaling Your Facebook Ads

  • Discover how Facebook ads really work and how I used them to make millions!
  • A deep dive into Facebook ads to make you an expert!
  • All of Rudy’s secrets methods that have made him one of the best in the world!


Lesson 12: Retargeting Ads

  • How to capture 90% of the people leaving your website!
  • The best retargeting methods that get me crazy ROI’s (up to 50X ROI)
  • Secret IG Swipe up re-targeting methods for 2019/2020


Lesson 13: How to Target Your Competitors

  • “Steal” competition clients with laser targeting Facebook ads
  • Different styles of targeting to find millions of your perfect customers
  • Ninja audience research and analytics


Lesson 14: Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques

  • Rudy’s 5 Unique Facebook Ad Strategies
  • 3 Stage Video Sales Series with Facebook ads
  • Behind-the-scenes access to Rudy’s million $ FB ad campaigns!


Lesson 15: Instagram Growth Tactics

  • Top 3 IG tricks that grew me to 200,000 in 12 months
  • 9 Secret steps to blowing up your Instagram
  • Instagram selling system that made me ten’s of thousands!


Lesson 16: Closing High Ticket Clients

  • How to close $2000 – $5000 high ticket clients every day!
  • Simple IG outreach script to get high ticket clients without ads!
  • My Top 5 Methods to Close Over $100,000 in High Ticket Coaching


Lesson 17: Going From 100k To 1 Million + Dollars

  • Building a REAL business, from 100k to 1 Mill +
  • How to grow an elite team to build YOUR dream.
  • Vital Aspects of Growing a 7 Figure Business (Legal, accounting, etc)

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